Looking for Commercial Solar Panel Installation for your business, Industry or community?

Whether you have a commercial business site such as a factory or warehouse, or whether your building a property or looking to install solar on a large block of community sites, we can help you out.

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Experts in Commercial Solar Panel Installations In Geelong 

Switching from the traditional power supply to commercial solar panel systems can be a wise financial decision for you as a business or as a property developer.

There are a couple fantastic benefits in installaing solar, firstly you save thousands upon thousands in electricity costs, plus you contribute towards a greener living.

Showing that you’re a a business that cares about sustainability isn’t such a bad look either.

Solar Panel Installations On Property Development Sites is Win

Investng in solar panels for your property developent needs can be a big win as well.

You can increase the price on the property, and sell extra perceived value to potential investers who would be saving thousands on their bills, and be glad to know they are taking part in sustainable living.

Plus, Saving 80% or more on all of future electricity bills sounds like a massive determining factor to investing in one property over the other.

Commercial Solar Installations for Industries, Communities & Schools 

commercial solar panel installations

We believe the community should be considering solar as well. The benefits are there, and communities and governement run facilities such as schools & colleges could be greatly benefit from commersial solar installs.

We can map out what kind of a system you need, and go to work together in finding out what incentives and rebates may be available.

Simply give us a call and let’s have a chat.

Solar Installation Geelong, Ballarat, Surfside… Just to Name a Few Suburbs…

commercial solar panel installatio

If you’re seriously considering getting commercial solar panels installed, you should.

It’s a one time investment that pays for itself.

Solar Energy allows you to reduce those electricity bills and lower carbon footprints..

Now all you need to know is what size system you need, what rebates are available, and what time of solar we suggest and why.

Victorian Solar Rebates may be available

The financial rewards that come with solar technology is felt for years to come, and you can invest these savings back into your business.

Find out if any rebates exist, and if you can also take advantage of them.

7% of Aussies all have Solar, join the revolution and contribute to becoming the first 10%.


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Successful companies like Target, PepsiCo and Apple have all switched from traditional and expensive power supply and have opted for Solar Energy.

Solar energy is a reliable renewable energy source that is available in abundance, and more business & Industry need to start tapping into it.

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